Past work

Past film and television credits include:

    Beatriz’s War (2013 feature film)

    Sonoma International Film Festival (trailer and TV ad 2011)

    Google T.V. (music for logo animation) (2010)

    T.V commercial ‘Lipton Green Tea with Citrus’ (2010) US market.

    Obsessed With Walking (2010) 30 minute documentary

    Westall UFO Mystery (2010) One hour documentary

    Essence Of The Game (2009) Feature length documentary – Channel 7

    Alter Ego (2008) One hour documentary – SBS

    Pod Love – My Brilliant Second Life (2007) Documentary SBS

    Last Valley (2006) doco ABC

    The Shearers (2006) doco series ABC

    Endangered (2005) doco SBS

    Fergus McPhail (2003) 26 part children’s series BBC/Ch10

    Marshal Law (2002) 12 part adult drama – Channel 7

    Me! Me! Me! & ADHD (2002) Documentary SBS

    Short Cuts (2001) eps 11,12,13,& 24.25. Children’s television series.

    Surviving Sheperd’s Pie (2001) One hour documentary ABC

    Mohamad Ali’s Happy Day Feast (1998) One hour documentary SBS

    The Wayne Manifesto (1997) – 26 part children’s series ABC

NB. A selection of video clips are viewable on the Reel pages.