Jamie Saxe – Composer

Jamie SaxeJamie has been composing music for film and television for the last fifteen years and has enjoyed success writing for commercials,  documentary film,  drama and children’s television.

He has been working  with Emmy Award winning directors from production house Psyop in the United States,  pitching on many of their projects.  He composed the music for Lipton ‘Bright’ and Google T.V exemplifying his ability to create a fresh,  quirky style of music.

He was nominated for an AGSC award for best music for a children’s television series with ‘Fergus McPhail’ in 2004 and best song for screen in 2009 with ‘Mother’s Lament’ written for the feature documentary, ‘Essence of the Game’.

Jamie is also signed to ABC Kids with his children’s rock band The Mighty bUZZniks and has released an album ‘The Great Space Circus’ which pushes the boundaries of music for children with a selection of edgy, contemporary sounding songs for kids.

He studied film, music history and composition at Monash University and has spent many years touring and recording with 90’s cult band The Ergot Derivative and Bluegrass outfit The Devil Goat Family String Band.

He is an accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and enjoys working with an eclectic range of musical styles. He melds soundscape with unusual instrumental and electronic music to create a unique sound palette as well as working within conventional musical genres. His music for children is considered energetic and humorous with a quirky edge.

Through Changeling music he also collaborates with two other composers,  Tom Silvester and Laurence Maddy,  on various film projects and recordings including music for German production house Intervox and Allsorts Music in Australia.  With a broad network of vocalists and instrumentalists at his disposal he is able to meet a diverse range of musical styles to suit any project.

Changeling Music has had a vast amount of experience working on television series,  documentary and film,  working within the various time and budget structures of each project and excelling at operating in collaborative environments.  We enjoy trying to make the music you are hearing in your head.